Ignition Casino is one of several online casinos that accepts Bitcoin for deposits and offers it as a withdrawal option. Ever since we became a Bitcoin-friendly casino a few years back, we’ve been seeing an increase in regular casino players becoming Bitcoin casino players, and that’s largely because we have the best Bitcoin bonus options around. In this Ignition Bitcoin guide, we’ll discuss how Bitcoin works in general, and how to use it for deposits and withdrawals for an elevated experience.


How Does Bitcoin Work?

Bitcoin was created over a decade ago in attempt to facilitate easier (and cheaper) day-to-day online transactions—especially international ones. This digital currency works on a peer-to-peer network called the blockchain. When a transaction takes place between two parties, there are no banks or governments involved; the transaction gets posted on a permanent public ledger once verified by both parties. This transparency ensures a high level of security with transactions.


Do Online Casinos Accept Bitcoin?

Every online casino can choose to operate with Bitcoin if they want to invest in the upfront costs associated with it. We decided that it was the right move for us since Bitcoin solves many of the challenges that we face as a digital service provider. Because Bitcoin is a de-centralized currency, it eliminates the potential of a deposit failing, and withdrawal wait times are reduced considerably. This is a win-win situation for us and our players, so we will continue to happily accept Bitcoin and work towards becoming the top USA Bitcoin casino on the web.


How to Deposit to Online Casinos with Bitcoin

Loading up your bankroll with Bitcoin can be done once you’ve set yourself up with a digital wallet and created an account on a Bitcoin exchange. The best and most secure way to get a digital wallet is to download one right onto your smartphone through your app store. An exchange app can also be downloaded onto your phone, and you’ll save time by getting a product that combines both products.

If you’re starting from scratch, you can buy your first Bitcoin from the exchange using a standard “fiat” currency, and from there, you can forward the cryptocurrency to your wallet until you’re ready to deposit some at Ignition Casino. The deposit steps are the same as with our traditional deposit methods, except you’ll need to copy and paste your account’s digital address code into your wallet when prompted.


Withdraw Casino Payouts with Bitcoin

The fastest way to get paid when you’re ready to withdraw some of your Ignition Casino bankroll is via Bitcoin. Once your payout is authorized on our end, the funds are processed in 15 to 20 minutes.

When you go to request a withdrawal with cryptocurrency, you’ll be prompted to provide your digital wallet’s address code. On your wallet’s dashboard, there are two buttons; one is for sending Bitcoin, and the other is for receiving it. Go with the latter in order to generate the code, which can be copied and pasted into your Ignition account. The Bitcoin can be converted back to US dollars as quickly as it was purchased through your exchange.

Once you open the door to Bitcoin, the Bitcoin casino bonus cash will prompt you to close the door on fiat currencies forever. It’s tough to compete with a 200% welcome bonus, which is double the size of our standard one. Afterwards, you can continue to grab bonus cash with every single Bitcoin deposit you make. Check out our Bitcoin Promotions page for more details on the perks of going crypto.