What if we told you that Sudoku, the popular number game, isn’t a Japanese import? It actually dates back to France in the 1890s. People were filling out their 9-by-9 number grids every week – until World War I happened. Dell Puzzles picked up the ball in 1979, publishing their “Number Place” puzzle out of New York, but it wasn’t until Japanese company Nikoli made a couple of tweaks in 1984 that Sudoku started becoming the cultural touchstone it is today.

Wouldn’t it be even more fun if you could win some cash while you play? Ignition Casino lets you do just that with Sudoku Box Game, which you’ll find under the Specialty Games menu. It’s a special twist on both Sudoku and conventional slot machines, and you can try it right now for free by using the Practice Play mode. Here are three reasons you should give Sudoku Box Game a spin.


You don’t need any math skills to play Sudoku Box Game. Just click or tap the Spin button, and the 3-by-3 grid fills up with numbers. Any of the digits 1 through 9 may appear in any order. You don’t have to reveal each of those nine numbers, and the rows and columns don’t have to line up in any way. You win by uncovering at least three matching numbers, or by getting all the digits 1-9 on the board.


The graphics for this game are sharp and clean, the Asian themes for both sound and visuals are tasteful, and players are given multiple options for shaping their Sudoku experience.

Massive Jackpots

You only need to match three digits to win a prize at Sudoku Box Game, but if you bet the maximum and get the perfect spin with each of the digits 1-9 appearing in exactly that order (left to right, top to bottom), you’ll win the massive 50,000X jackpot. Players can bet denominations between one cent and $2 inclusive at Ignition Casino, so that jackpot could be as high as $100,000. You won’t find that in The New York Times.