Play Poker and Grow You Crypto Balance at Ignition

The poker community and the Bitcoin community have been tight for quite some time now. Many of the players here at Ignition Poker own some sort of cryptocurrency – you might be one of them. It’s never been easier to buy Bitcoin online, and it’s by far the best way to make deposits and withdrawals at Ignition. This simple guide will show you how to deposit Bitcoin and play now, with an emphasis on growing both your poker bankroll and your crypto holdings.

Withdraw Your Winnings Fast With Crypto at Ignition

Every transaction method at Ignition Poker has its strong points, but when it comes to speed, Bitcoin wins hands down. Moving your money from one place to another as quickly and securely as possible is what Bitcoin was designed to do. Ignition was one of the first poker rooms to accept Bitcoin (as well as Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin SV) and other cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum and USDT (Tether), so if you were one of our early crypto users, you already know about the short turnaround times on your deposits and withdrawals.

Hassle-free withdrawals are vital if you want to grow your crypto portfolio. When you play at Ignition Poker, we automatically convert your Bitcoin deposit into US dollars, then back again when you make your withdrawal. This ensures that your poker bankroll is protected from the ups and downs of the crypto market. That way, whenever you win online, Bitcoin investments can be made away from the tables at your discretion, when you think the time is right to jump in.

Play Texas Hold’em Online

While you’re waiting for the right time to buy, you can grow your Ignition Poker bankroll by playing the world’s most popular game: Texas Hold’em. Ignition Poker also offers the great games of Omaha and Omaha Hi/Lo, and these should definitely be in your poker portfolio, but the bulk of the action here at Ignition is at the Hold’em tables. There’s always a game waiting for you at Ignition, at the stakes that are most appropriate for whatever size bankroll you have.

To grow that bankroll as efficiently as possible, make sure you have your Hold’em strategy nice and sharp. We have a full treasure trove of articles here at Ignition that break down the fundamentals of smart poker. Beginners and intermediate-level players will get the most out of these articles, but there’s plenty of wisdom in there for advanced players as well. Keep checking in with Ignition for our latest poker strategy articles to stay on top of your game.

Play Cash Games 24/7

Speaking of games, as a general rule, the best way to grow your poker bankroll is to play at the cash tables. It takes some extra know-how to handle cash games compared to tournaments, but there’s also a lot less variance – meaning you won’t have to ride the same upswings and downswings in the short term. To get in the most Hold’em hands per hour possible, play Zone Poker, our fast-fold variant, which lets you play roughly three times as many hands as a standard Hold’em cash game. If you can handle the volume, you can also play two Zone tables at once, and two more standard tables on top of that.

Play in Huge Tournaments Every Day

This doesn’t mean you should play cash games exclusively. Tournaments give you the opportunity to win a large amount of cash in a relatively short time, and the competition level tends to be easier since most new players are here to emulate their heroes and play at the tournament tables. Tourneys also round out your poker game by putting you in scenarios you don’t often find at the cash tables, like working with shorter or deeper stacks, and playing at short-handed tables – even heads-up, if you’re fortunate enough to be one of the last two survivors playing for a massive jackpot.

Play in Mad Monday Tournaments for GTD Prize Pool

As you may be aware, Sunday is the busiest day of the week when it comes to poker tournaments, but Ignition Poker wants to make every day special. Our most recent Mad Monday tournaments had over $700,000 in guaranteed cash waiting to be won, including the $150,000 GTD Main Event and the $60K GTD Mini Main Event. With 21 different tournaments on the schedule, you’ll have no trouble finding a game that fits your bankroll and your poker style. Keep an eye on our Promotions page to see what the next Mad Monday schedule looks like.

How to Buy and Deposit with Crypto

Once you’ve sharpened your Hold’em skills and learned the ins and outs of game selection, your next step is to figure out the smart way to earn crypto. Easy transactions are key; if you haven’t already, download a digital wallet (preferably to your mobile device, so you can use the QR technology), and sign up for an account at a registered cryptocurrency exchange. You’ll use the exchange to take “fiat” currency from your standard bank account and convert it to Bitcoin, then you’ll use the digital wallet to make your Bitcoin deposit at Ignition Poker. And don’t forget to claim your Bitcoin Welcome Bonus if this will be your first time using crypto at Ignition.

To sum up, the plan for growing your Bitcoin online is to do what the pros do: Hit the tables, run up your poker bankroll, then take your winnings and invest in crypto when the time is right. You can find out more about how to use Bitcoin at Ignition Poker by consulting our FAQ and Help guides, as well as the other Bitcoin articles in our vault. We even have a list of recommended digital wallets and crypto exchanges for you to check out. The more you know, the more your bankroll will grow, so keep reading, and we’ll see you at the tables.