With so many players turning to cryptocurrency for their online casino betting, you may be considering doing the same. After all, the best Ignition promotions are reserved for crypto players, so it certainly pays to use digital coins for your deposits and withdrawals. Getting a complete idea of the process will help you take the plunge and become an Ignition crypto casino player yourself. Follow along in this article that covers the benefits (and drawbacks) of going crypto at Ignition Casino.

 How to Play Ignition Casino Games with Crypto

We’ll start off by explaining how cryptocurrency works in the context of our online casino. If you’re completely new to crypto betting, however, it’ll be best to start with our Ignition Crypto Guide, which will introduce you to the most widely-used digital coins —perfect for those who are just getting their feet wet. Once you are familiar with crypto, you’ll have the knowledge you need to use the other digital coins we accept at Ignition Casino. Here’s the full list at press time:

- Bitcoin

- Bitcoin SV

- Bitcoin Cash

- Ethereum

- Litecoin

- Tether

To deposit with any of these digital coins:

1.      You need to have some preloaded into your digital wallet. A digital wallet is simply a program that holds your crypto after you purchase it. We recommend downloading a wallet app onto your phone, so you can use the QR code technology to make your transactions even smoother.

2.      In order to purchase crypto, you’ll need an account at a cryptocurrency exchange. We recommend using a registered exchange rather than peer-to-peer—and you’ll definitely want to avoid those ATM crypto machines with their insanely high transaction fees.

3.      Once you have your digital wallet and your crypto exchange account all set up, transferring the crypto from your wallet to your Ignition Casino account will require you to input your Ignition account’s address code into your wallet. You’ll do the same in reverse when it’s time to make a withdrawal.

To recap, here’s a simple step-by-step outline for making your first crypto deposit at Ignition Casino:

1. Download a digital wallet app to your smartphone

2. Sign up for an account at a regulated crypto exchange

3. Purchase some crypto from the exchange

4. Use your wallet to transfer crypto to your Ignition Casino account

The Pros of Crypto Betting

 There are several casino crypto benefits to consider, but let’s start with the most obvious:

1. Guaranteed Deposits

There’s nothing worse than depositing with your credit card only to have the transaction fail to go through because of back-end restrictions—which sadly happens a lot more often these days in the United States. But this scenario never happens at Ignition Casino when you deposit with crypto, since there’s no bank or other third party determining how you can use your funds.

2. Fast Withdrawals

 No one likes to wait to get paid—especially after hitting a big jackpot. Crypto makes it possible to get paid almost instantly once your withdrawal is authorized. After you paste in the digital address code for your wallet, your transaction is typically completed within 15 to 20 minutes after we process the payment. That’s a big improvement on the 7 to 10 business days that it usually takes to receive a certified check.

3. Bonus Cash

Everyone can use some free money now and again, and when you use crypto to play at Ignition Casino, our bonuses get even better. Start with the lucrative Crypto Casino and Poker Welcome Bonus, (which gives you up to 3000$ when you make your first deposit with crypto), and then keep the bonuses coming every week with the Weekly Boost, where we’ll supercharge your account with weekly offers you won't want to miss out on. Keep an eye on our Ignition Promotions page for even more super-sized crypto bonuses you can collect.

4. Lower Transaction Fees

This is one of the most important benefits of using crypto at Ignition. Because these transactions are virtually seamless, with no third parties getting in the way, you’ll pay far lower fees than you would using credit cards or other payment methods. That makes it much easier for you to move money in and out of your Ignition Casino account.

5. Higher Maximums (and Lower Minimums)

To make those transactions even easier, we allow our crypto players at Ignition to move larger amounts of money at one time—and smaller amounts, as well. So if you’re a high roller, or just playing the “penny slots” at Ignition, using crypto is clearly the right way to go.

The Cons of Crypto Betting

Getting set up. Right off the bat, having to complete all those steps we mentioned above to start using crypto at Ignition Casino may take an initial setup time. Why even bother if you’re already set up with a regular deposit method at Ignition Casino that works fairly efficiently? For all the “pros” we’ve listed, of course. Just like anything, once you’ve gotten set up and are familiar with the process, the rest is fairly easy.

Volatility. Then there’s the volatility of the cryptocurrency markets. The price of Bitcoin and other digital coins seems to go up or down almost at random. But here’s the good news: When you deposit with crypto at Ignition, we’ll automatically convert your funds into US dollars before putting them in your account. And we’ll switch them back to your chosen coin when you withdraw. That way, you never have to worry about price fluctuations while you’re playing at Ignition.

You also have to figure out which digital coin you’re going to use for your crypto. Each coin brings something different to the table; as we said earlier, Bitcoin is a perfect choice for beginners, while its close cousins, Bitcoin SV and Bitcoin Cash, are streamlined to let you make deposits and withdrawals with even lower transaction fees.

The thing is, you don’t have to limit yourself to only one digital coin when you play at Ignition Casino. Because we’re converting your funds to US dollars and back again, it makes no difference at this end which one(s) you use—the choice is yours. You may ultimately decide to go with Ethereum because it’s also useful for decentralized finance (DeFi), or Tether because it’s pegged to the US dollar.

As long as you follow our recommendations, including staying away from peer-to-peer exchanges, your crypto should be even safer than when you use standard “fiat” currencies to do business. There you have it: A thorough look at both the pros and cons of using crypto to play at Ignition Casino. We hope this encourages you to at least take a closer look at Bitcoin and the other digital coins on our list. You can learn more details by watching our tutorial videos and reading our Crypto FAQ and Help guides, so get on board today, and enjoy playing all of the great games we have for you at Ignition.